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Our Story

Our team at Enliven is made up of high school students in the Boston area who are passionate about making our communities feel more connected. Our whole world came face to face with lonliness during the pandemic and we recognize that the elders in our communities may have been the most impacted by it.

We live away from our grandparents and recognize the generational gap when we do spend time with them. We see the joy on their faces when they meet us and notice how they offer patience and unconditional love to help us through our own challenges even though they may not fully understand them.

Many of us have spent many years learning an instrument or dance form. We felt it was time to share what we have learned and to use it to uplift others. Through our talents and connections we figured that we can entertain and liven up their lives and involve all of our friends to do the same as well!  

We are grateful to our mentors and all the support we have received from community leaders and facility partners along the way. 

Aanika Mohta '2025

Ajay Wadhwani '2025

Jaya Delong '2025

Reeya Wadhwani '2026

Aria Malhotra '2027

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