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Inter-Generational Connections
Through performances that Enliven

Enliven is a non-profit initiative based in the Greater Boston Area that fosters intergenerational connections between youth and elders. Through music, dance and celebration we help bridge the gap to create stronger ties and deeper appreciation of the different generations.

Elders offer wisdom and support , Young people offer enthusiasm and energy.

This connection is magical!!

Bring an Enliven Program to your facility.

If you are a student, volunteer to perform and connect.

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Our Mission

We believe that intergenerational connections are key to creating a vibrant and connected community. Our programs and initiatives are designed to bring youth and elders together, fostering relationships that bring joy and meaning to all involved.

What We Do

At Enliven, we are dedicated to help bridge the gap between elders and youth through meaningful exchange. We create concerts and performances small and large to engage seniors of all abilities.

Youth share their musical talents and cultural perspectives to entertain and uplift their audiences. Elders share their love, wisdom and support to the students. This exchange offers an enriching experience for both the elders and the youth, helping create special bonds and memories for all. If you are in the Greater Boston area and would like to bring a program to your facility, email us here.

If you are a student and would like to volunteer, sign up here.  


Partner with us

Residential/ non residential communities 

If you are a coordinator of programs for residential or non residential senior communities or nursing homes, please fill out this interest form or email us at

Some of our current partnerships include Sunrise in Newton, Fox Hill Village in Westwood, North Hill Senior Living Community in Needham.

Family in Nature

Volunteer Opportunities

Join Our Team

We are always looking for dedicated and passionate volunteers to join our team. Whether you are a student looking to make a difference, or simply someone who is passionate about creating connections between youth and elders, we would love to have you on board.

Sunrise Senior Living, Newton

Sunrise Senior Living, Newton
North Hill, Needham
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