Our Values


We focus on an individualized, strength-based approach by identifying and drawing upon the strengths of youth, families and their community. Strengths-based practice involves a shift from a deficit approach to a positive partnership with the family. The approach acknowledges each youth and family’s unique set of strengths and challenges, and engages the youth and family as a partner in developing and implementing the service plan. Formal and informal services and supports are used to create service plans based on specific needs and strengths.

Client-Centered Values

Client centered care is a way of thinking and doing things that sees the client being an equal partner in planning, developing and monitoring their service plan to make sure it meets their needs. This means we put the youth and their families at the center of decisions and see them as experts, working alongside the Enliven team to get the best outcome. We will focus on considering the youth and their families desires, values, family situations, social circumstances and lifestyle; seeing the person as an individual, and working together to develop appropriate solutions. We will be compassionate, and think about things from the youth and their families point of view. This will be shown through sharing decisions with the youth and their families and helping them manage their mental health.

Education and Compassion

Our evidence-based approach to psychosis is based on the understanding of the social stigma associated with psychosis disorders, and getting in front of the issue with education and early detection, treatment and recovery. Our goal is to tailor a plan around each client’s needs with compassion and sensitivity when it comes to factors like age, gender, culture, social roles and family situations in the least stigmatizing setting. People who are educated about psychosis and mental illness can more effectively support one another.

Hope and Healing

Our approach to treatment and recovery of psychosis is wrapped around the philosophy that there is hope and healing. One of the most important ways to improve outcomes of psychosis is to start treatment early on. This means a thorough assessment and a treatment plan is key. If treatment gets delayed, this delay can often lead to slow and/or incomplete recovery when treatment starts. If you take the next steps to Enliven early on, you can begin breaking the barriers to psychosis. There is a way to hope and healing.

A Safe Place and An Open Door

We encourage an environment where people are welcomed, feel safe and are treated with care and respect. Even if you think your circumstance isn’t exact to the signs and symptoms noted, please contact us and we will help find the right program for you. If we don’t have a specific service suitable for a person, we will help that person find the pertinent services to meet their needs.

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